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Wesley Best

At my desk

23rd Mar 2017

A poor turnout at the Umpiring Roadshow at Laurelvale last night. Senior players however will be questioning Umpires' decisions and making spurious appeals throughout the coming season whilst players umpiring in junior games will be officiating without even a basic understanding of the laws of cricket. Is there another game where the players are so ignorant of the rules? Many thanks to Keith Smith and Alan Neil for a very enjoyable and informative evening. Can I suggest that before you question any Umpire's decision this season, either on the pitch or in the bar afterwards, you ask yourself 'Have I ever made an attempt to understand all the laws of the game?'. If the honest answer is no then say nothing.

Clarence Hiles


22nd Mar 2017

Bravo Ireland O'Brien and co. The Afghans may have the edge these days but there's not much between them. The Afghans aren't my favourite teams, but they have raised Ireland's performances apart from a batting collapse. Well done Ireland.

Jeff Maguire

Roll on a warm spring

22nd Mar 2017

Well done the NCU chairman Alan Waite and the three development officers Nigel Jones Simon Johnston and Callum Atkinson it was superbly presented and full of information on good topics and well worth the visit. Dundrum have like most not gone with overseas player this season but the downside of that is we cant run the 8 week coaching in TEN schools and the summer schemes will be shorter but as part of our development plan we will still provide a five week plan including two finals days at the meadow .The club plan to get new covers this year and again will take the u-18 squad to England on three day tour of Telford and trips to Dublin for the younger sides. And have plans to run a T20 ( hard soft) ball competition inviting 8 aside teams from local Rugby Gaelic Hurling Soccer and Hockey clubs and finals day including music and barbecue. to raise money for local charity..And will host a ten day Indian tour to Dundrum play at least 6 games all the above plans part or raising the profile of the great game of cricket in the area and credit to a very hard working committee and club that never stops trying to improve .to everything at the club .

Andy Kennedy


18th Mar 2017

I think that to give a 'four' in the circumstances described would be a bit 'ruff' on the bowler and would 'unleash' a torrent of abuse! Surely it would be for the captain of the batting side to take the 'lead' and not 'worry' the umpires!


You sound like Caleb Andy. LOL

C Boomer

a bird in hand is worth two in a bush..

18th Mar 2017

Thanks Alan,

And yes I believe that's what occurred, the batsman being awarded 4 runs as normal due to the offending dog being adjudged part of the boundary for that instant and play continued as per normal when the ball was eventually returned, much to the amusement of all concerned!


Chambers park

17th Mar 2017

I could be wrong and it wouldn't be the first time.
The boundary should be clarified before the match, this includes obstacles like trees and seats, machines etc. An obstacle that makes a random appearance, eg a bird or dog, a spectator or that spider cam thing (which was hit recently) should also be included in the pre match conference.
If it hasn't been decided exactly what to do, then you're going to have to decide what to do on the spot.
I would suggest that the dog becomes the boundary as soon as it contacts the ball, so award the four runs and explain to the fielding captain and batsmen why this has happened.

Neale Matthews

Sadly working

17th Mar 2017


Just a reminder - NIACUS has agreed to put on a series of Umpiring Roadshows before the start of this coming season. These are aimed at coaches, players, teachers, parents, helpers and spectators who might all benefit from a better understanding of the laws and bye laws of our great game, and how they are implemented by the umpires. They promise it will be fun and informative, and they will be happy to answer questions.
VENUES – LAURELVALE CC – Wed 22nd March at 7pm.
DERRIAGHY CC – Mon 27th March at 7pm.
TEMPLEPATRICK CC – Thurs 30th March at 7pm.
Should last around 2 hours.
Big turnout hoped for, so spread the word.


PS. No doubt your question will be answered Caleb

C Boomer


17th Mar 2017

Here are a couple of replies I've received so far...

1. " OK, I'll bite, though I have had no training as an umpire! (But, years ago, playing village cricket players had to umpire before & after I did quite bit as a tail end batsman!).

In this rather unusual, perhaps unique, case, I would suggest that the umpire's responsibility is to ensure that the dog's unfortunate actions don't adversely affect either team more than absolutely necessary. As it says the hit was a "certain 4 runs", I'd award that. I'm not sure a qualified umpire would agree (perhaps call 'dead ball'?), but I think at the level I played this would be acceptable.
Of course if it was clear that the ball wouldn't have reached the boundary, then a just decision would be more difficult to reach, and 'dead ball' might well be the correct call "

2. " For me it's 4 runs. For that moment, ie when the dog actually grabs the ball, he/she/it became the boundary. It's the same as having the balancing struts on a sight screen that would otherwise be inside the boundary. If the ball hits one of them at an extremity, and bounces back in to the field of play, it's four runs (six if it's a no bounce, direct hit). That's because the Law is explicit and says no part of a sight screen can be inside the boundary. Therefore, the boundary will run in front of the screen, even tracing it so that if the ball passes between the struts and goes close to the main part of the screen without going under it, it's not a boundary, just the runs actually taken.

Law 19, especially 1. (b) explains it all. There's also an article on the Lord's website about trees inside the boundary and that's here

George Brolly


16th Mar 2017

Friendly - Ardmore CC are looking for a friendly for either the 15th or 22nd April. If any clubs are interested, please contact me. We are willing to travel if required -

C Boomer

'Spring has sprung '

16th Mar 2017

Need a little assistance please with this one for a quiz I'm involved in...

What about this ?

Even as an occasional level 1 umpire myself, I'm still quite befuddled as to the correct resolution of this rather amusing and actual incident which thankfully I wasn't personally involved with but witnessed occur at a game in our public park...

' Batsman firmly strikes the ball for a certain 4 runs but just before ball reaches boundary rope an eager dog runs onto the field, lifts the ball and carries it over the boundary rope much to the embarrassment of it's owner who quickly returns said cricket ball to awaiting fielder, leashes up his dog and hurriedly goes about his way with said dog now on it's lead '

What is the correct protocol in keeping with the laws of the game the umpires should apply ?


Co Down

14th Mar 2017


Fair? If it's within the rules I don't see the problem and why should you?

I don't think this was ever an issue when section 1 clubs got together, the issue at hand was the standard visitors visa, i.e. It being illegal for the likes of an Indian pro to come over and be paid to play and coach (or voluntarily coach) hence the majority of clubs did the sensible thing in not breaking the law following the home office warnings.

And WJ smyth, why would anyone need to blow the whistle if all clubs are following the legal protocols, surely your not suggesting there will be teams ignoring the home office guidance and illegally bringing in an overseas? If not then there's nothing for anyone to worry about :)



13th Mar 2017

So do you believe its fair for Academy to bring over a SA?


What does "fair" mean in the modern game? It is dog eat dog these days.

Section 1 player


13th Mar 2017

WJ Smyth,

What a load of nonsense. With the home office declaring they are clamping down on the matter, I think clubs are more concerned with the legality than taking the moral high ground.

I would imagine the 7 or 8 as it now seems, understand that the risk is not worth the reward. If we see 1 club with a pro in section 1 next year that will say a lot about that club more than the others in my opinion.

Also I don't see how Academy bringing over a guy who averaged mid 20's last year and Holywood with a guy who played CSNI 2s compares to a Dandekar, Kammy or Amit from seasons past.

Anyway not long to go, should be an interesting season.



13th Mar 2017

Meanwhile in Scotland .....
What a fantastic programme for introducing kids to the game!

Colin Latham

On the bus.

13th Mar 2017

NCU list of approved transfers.

Anyone seen it published yet this year? Normally updated quite frequently in previous seasons.